De Groenvelder internationaal

Publicatie 2021

Grenzenlos - Die Welt entdecken

Op de Duitse tv-zender SAT 1 werd een fraaie serie uitgezonden met 65 afleveringen waar zo'n 2 miljoen mensen naar keken.
Deze aflevering gaat voor een deel over de Groenvelder molen en molenaar Fred Prins.
De hele documentaire duurt rond de 40 minuten.

Reacties uit het buitenland op de video

Marwito Raharjo:

I live on Java island and am very much like your video. It is interesting and instructive as well. I have learned for long the saying that goes "God create the world Dutch create the Netherlands". I surprise to see that inside the windmill is a clean and cosy dwelling.

Dear Mr. Prins, 
My apologies as my language skills are limited to English and Spanish. My name is Allison Ramirez, from the United States, Omaha, Nebraska in the middle of the US. My husband and I have a two-year-old son named Henry. Henry has always loved fans and windmills. In March of 2020, when we were first provided our stay-at-home orders, we watched a read a lot about windmills particularly the history of the mills in the Netherlands. We discovered a promotional video with you and your home in it.  Well, my son is probably your biggest fan; in that, he asks to watch about your windmill when he wakes up in the morning. He absolutely loves watching you operate your mill. We just wanted to say hello and thank you for bringing us a little bit of joy during this hard time. We very much appreciate your passion and expertise.
I hope you are in good health and we hope to one day make the trip to visit and learn more about the beautiful mills in your lovely country. 
Warm regards, 
Allison, Adam, and Henry Ramirez


Henry Ramirez met De Groenvelder op zijn iPad

Gina Crews:

My little grandson is fascinated by windmills. He watches Inside the Windmill with Fred at least once every single day! Can you give me his contact information? I'd love to get a photo or something signed by him. Also, is there somewhere to purchase gifts such as shirts, pictures, replicas?

A b 

Live in a windmill never ever be board again lol love it thank you Fred plus it keeps you well fit hahaha

Deze website ontdekten we op het web.
De tekst is Chinees en het internetadres verwijst naar de Cocoseilanden.

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